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Naturflex  - sleep system with top comfort

The Relax bed system or mattress slat bed base Naturflex from RELAX® offers a perfect support for body and soul and stimulates your personal tension release - making you sleep better. This bed system is tailored to fit any body form or size. 

Individual Requirements

According to different physical conditions, it is possible to remove the loweer hardwood slats in the shoulder and pelvis area to reduce back pressure. Hence, perfect reclining comfort is achieved. Naturflex consists of 42 hard wood lamellas (9 mm thick), 17 of them are in the shoulder and pelvis area (5,5 mm thick), which are supported by elastic bodies made out of latex.

There are thicker slats uderneath the bed system. If you remove every second, the bed systems becomes softer - shoulders are relaxed. 

Possible variations:

Naturflex variation 1The thicker slats underneath can be exchanged with the thinner slats above, making for increased firmness. 

The Latex strips in the back zone can be slightly re-adjusted.  

We recommend that for those sleeping on their back and who are broad around the hips, - the thicker slats from below should be removed and placed above, so that the person does not sink in too deeply. 

Naturflex variation 2The latex strips inthe middle can be bound together and the thicker slats placed above in order to support the waist.  

Naturflex variation 3This adjustment variation provides perfect relief for the spine.

For an optimal lying position for those who sleep on their side, it is recommended to remove a slat in the top area. 

Better sleep due to spring elements

The spring elements of the bed system Naturflex makes you sleep better due to its perfect adaptation.

According to individual physical state, the hardwood slats in shoulder or pelvic zones can be removed to prevent counter-pressure. The insert frame is delivered with each Naturflex spring element, in order to be able to insert our spring base element in any bed.

Compact cover - for beds with low sink-in depth

For beds with low sink-in depth, the Naturflex bed system can be delivered with a compact cover.

Optionally the Naturflex bed system can be delivered with a compact cover. The slatted frame system and mattress can be combined in one casing, - an advantage for modern beds and beds with low sink-in depth.

Different versions of the bed system Naturflex

Naturflex rigid Naturflex with head adjustment Naturflex with head/foot adjustment Electric motor frame

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